Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Something a little different

this is my first ever attempt at a towel cake and it certainly wont be my last!
Its a gift for my friend Sharon's wedding on the 12th of May.
Money is extremely tight and always loved them but couldnt afford to buy one, so set to making one up myself,
Bought a lovely blue and white towel set , sad I couldnt find them in cream and blue! It was a 6 piece towel bale two bath towels two hand towels and two flannels.
Firstly I bought a cake board. Placed that on a large sheet of cellophane. For the bottom tier I rolled up the flannel, then the two bath sheets and tied them off with some east of india ribbon and placed them as the bottom tier.
Next I added a candle (on the same theme as the other two candles made) and rolled the two hand towels around the bottom and pinned them to the bottom tier, for the top tier I wrapped the flannel around it. Now I have the basic cake which stands nearly two feet tall. I added a bath scrunchie to the very top. Next I added two lovely white dove soaps that had beautiful blue sparkly bits in them to the middle and bottom tier using some double sided foam pads, to the middle of the top tier I added a bottle of scented oil (fresh linen) Then added some champagne bottles of bubbles and lastly some fresh linen scented tea light candles, then decorated them all with tiny butterfly rhinestones, Scooped up the cellophane and tied if off with a 35mm satin blue ribbon. tucked in the excess cellophane, stood back and was very pleased with the results. A gift that is different and holds a very personal surprise inside too. Still working my way through the sugar craft flowers and completing commission dragons and gremlin sculpts for my online store too!
Its definitely a very busy month!


  1. Lovely blog site look forward to visiting again :-)

  2. thank you so much Kat! :o)

  3. fabulous! love it! you ought to put some pics of the lovely cake you made for our wedding on here too...